Creating a Story Through art and adventure


My name is Kelsey Van Raay. I am an artist, adventurer, and seeker of all things that encourage creative inspiration. As an artist, I aim to captivate viewers through pieces that inspire them to look at the world differently. My love for the outdoors and the overwhelmingly beautiful places that we as humans have the privilege of experiencing, is the very reason why I create the art that I do. My hope is that my art can encourage everyone to appreciate their natural surroundings and to spend a little more time in wild places.

Currently, my artwork is inspired by the rocky mountains where I closely reside in Calgary, Alberta. These mountainous landscapes have provided me with an endless portfolio of ideas that seems to come as naturally as the environment itself. The main medium I work in is acrylic paint on canvas, however, I continue to keep diversified by working with pen and pencil, graphic design and mixed media as well.

I have been creating art since I could hold a pencil and have fostered that talent through five years of post-secondary school, studying studio art at Sheridan College and the University of Guelph Ontario. After undergoing numerous life drawing, painting, print making, sculpture and computer design courses I began to fully develop and understand the direction I wanted my art to go in.

Art is not just a hobby for me. It is an imperative part of who I am and how I represent myself. Creating art transports me to a state of mind where all of life's worries are diminished and all that is left is the tranquility and focus needed to create something beautiful. My goal with Kvanraay Designs is to share this same feeling with all viewers of my art!

Looking ahead, I will continue to develop my talent, seek out inspiration for my work and further grow within the arts community.