>>Create a commission piece <<


  >> THE VISION <<

In this stage, we will discuss your initial idea, whether that be your own creation or an existing image that has inspired you. By browsing through my portfolio and selecting pieces/styles that you like, I will better be able to understand your unique vision. 

>> The BUdget <<

Price points for commissioned artwork will be subject to a number of factors including but not limited to size, style of artwork, necessary supplies and anticipated hours necessary to complete the piece. Please note, commissioned pieces while usually slightly more expensive, will generally be similarly priced to my existing pieces (please see Shop). I have worked within a range of prices in the past and will ensure that the price for the product aligns and that your one of a kind piece is what you dreamt of.

>> The Space <<

Next, we will discuss the space in which this piece will go in. Is it an office? A home? What are the dimensions? Is there a specific colour scheme you are looking to go with? 

>> finalize a Quote <<

Once the vision, and space allocation are determined, I will provide an initial quote for the project along with a projected timeline. The process is designed to provide a unique enjoyable experience for the customer while at the same time allow myself to understand your vision and create your ideal piece of artwork.


>> Begin the process <<

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